When you hire us, your tax work is performed by a qualified accountant licensed to do business in each country that you have tax obligations in. This is what makes working with MEDOWS International Tax different. Some of our tax specialists are simultaneously licensed and qualified as accountants in more than one country.  As such, we can represent you even if you are facing tax problems in more than one country. Learn more about our team.

Our qualified international tax accountants have the education, skills, and experience necessary to provide the service you require. With more than twenty years of experience and training, our team can handle your personal and business taxes, easily navigating the tax code and getting you all the answers that you need.

Tax codes around the globe are generally long and complex. For example, the US. tax code runs to 2,600 pages and this grows to over 70,000 pages[1] if you include IRS guidance, rulings and case-law. Likewise, the UK tax code is over 17,000 pages long. The sheer volume and complexity of the tax code means that only qualified trained professionals can ensure that you comply with the rules and take advantage of all the benefits and tax relief you may be entitled to.  In addition, this complexity can overwhelm even the most savvy individual  if more than one country’s tax code must be considered.

Our One Team Approach Delivers Better International Tax Results

MEDOWS  International Tax  has dual qualified specialists that provide our clients a better level of service and cost-efficiency. Our one team approach incorporates one manager and any additional resources needed who work collaboratively on your taxes. This means that important facts and issues are not lost between offices or time zones. This also means that you have a focused team working on your behalf. Plus, with our team’s dual qualifications, we have a complete picture of your tax affairs and can work to minimize your tax risk while ensuring that you are able to take advantage of every benefit.

David S: An International Tax Case Study

David S., a foreign national, was sent to New York by his company for a 3-year full time assignment in March and would thus become a US resident alien taxpayer. David held stock that had appreciated in value. David searched online and read that if he accelerated the disposal of his stock and reacquired when he came to the US he would have a higher cost basis and thus shelter the gain earned prior to becoming a US resident alien taxpayer. Working with MEDOWS International Tax, David benefited from having accountants in both his home country and the U.S. who could identify that David would pay local capital gains taxes at a significantly higher rate than in the United States. The MEDOWS International Tax team identified a local tax structure, allowing David to shelter the gain prior to moving to the U.S.

[1]Published 11 April, 2016, at http://time.com/4286921/complex-tax-code/ accessed 29 November, 2017.