Thank you for keeping me organized, especially when I’m not. Your responsiveness in both personal and business tax preparation and your ability to send me files quickly lets me enjoy the new home I have today. Can’t wait to work with you in the new year. Thank you for everything.
Thank You for Everything!
I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to email to let you know I have now received all of my tax return checks for 20XX and 20XX amended returns and 20XX normal return.

I would like to thank you for all your help with this and say that I really appreciated your professionalism in dealing with all the issues that arose. Dealing with the US tax system was very daunting and confusing for me but I felt confident putting my trust in you.
I really appreciated your professionalism


Jonathan Medows devised a strategy to work out an Offer in Compromise with the IRS . The tax period covered multiple years, and through many twists and turns, Mr. Medows stayed the course and came away with a workable outcome. I strongly recommend working with Mr. Medows, both on more complex issues like OICs and on an ongong basis. In both instances, Mr. Medows, is affordable, very pleasant to work with, efficient, and he gets the right results.
Mr. Medows is Very Pleasant to Work With


I'm looking forward to working with you this year! You are a fantastic accountant and I can't say enough great things about you!
You Are a Fantastic Accountant

Leslie S.

I used Jonathan Medows and thought he was good at figuring out deductions and estimating numbers on the spot. As well as giving good tips on how to save etc.
Good at Figuring Out Deductions and Estimating Numbers on the Spot

Jack D.

I liked him. You meet with him, and he is good about gauging how aggressive you want to be with deductions and stuff. He charged like $300+ with a freelancers union discount of like 10%. So far I've only been with him for 1 tax year, but he saved me way more money than when I calculated my tax liability on my own.

I would definitely suggest him.
I Would Definitely Suggest Him

Jane D.

I have been working with Jonathan since 2004. He has been managing accounting and audit issues for 3 of my companies, and my personal finances, ever since. The high quality of his work, outstanding performance, thoughtful recommendations and attention to details have saved me numerous times. I would say Jonathan is a key enabler for any entrepreneur running their own business. I can't imagine what I would do without Jonathan's help. Try Jonathan now and you will see for yourself!
A Key Enabler for any Entrepreneur Running their own Business


Jonathan is a rare find in the accounting world. He is a genuine listener to his client's hopes and dreams; and, he has a keen eye for opportunity to make a business grow. His services are excellent.
A Rare Find in the Accounting World

Melissa R.

Jonathan: You are amazing! Thank you so very much. You saved my skin once again.
You are Amazing!

Connie V.

If anybody is looking for an great accountant for tax season, checkout Jonathan Medows. I have been going to him for the past 5 years and he has always done a great job. Don't trust H&R Block and places like that.
A Great Accountant for Tax Season

Steven Z.

Jonathan Medows is by far the best CPA I have ever used. He is concise, cost effective, and fast, and always has exceeded my expectations as far as returns go. As a freelancer and a small business owner, whose taxes can be more then daunting, Jonathan is able to take all my assets into account, to give me the best, and most secure return I can get. He literally makes Tax day like any other day for me, and that is something I never thought I would be able to say. I would wholly recommend his services to anyone.
Jonathan Medows Makes Tax Day Like Any Other Day

Roberto S.

Thank you again for all the amazing work you do for our businesses and family.
Thank You

Daphne B.

When you were shopping around for a CPA to do taxes for your small business or freelance work, you decided not to risk it. Tax preparation is a sensitive subject, so better to just go somewhere with a recognizable name and a decent reputation to get your taxes done, someone your friend went to and said worked out just fine … right?

So you went to a large firm, because it’s supposed to be a safe choice. But when you got there, it was pretty impersonal. Every time you called with a question, you were bounced to someone new, usually some kid who was one year out of college and said he had to ask someone else. And then they’d take a while to get back to you, and it’d be a different person, and you’d have to re-explain your situation all over again.

Then came all the forms. Top to bottom, the whole process felt very bureaucratic. And to top it all off you got a bill for several grand. You put so much work into your small business to make it personal, and yours--isn’t there a better way to do this?

There sure is. Manhattan accountant Jonathan Medows understands you want prompt, professional tax preparation by senior-level people you can actually speak to. They’ll return your call within a day, usually even less time than that. With an accessible Manhattan office where you can pick up the phone and know who you’re talking to, NYC CPA Jonathan Medows offers reasonable fees and a staff who’s sensitive to your personal needs.
What’s in a Name?

Maya S.

When I met Jonathan Medows, CPA I had outstanding income tax issues. I was behind by three years, thanks to a previous accountant who wasn’t very responsible. The problem with taxes is that it’s intimidating. The documents aren’t hard to read—they’re just not fun. This is the least pleasant stuff in the world. With Mr. Medows, you know you’re taken care of, and that takes a load off your back because you don’t have to worry about the government taking everything you own. And this gives you time to focus on your business, which is crucial to its growth.

I know this because I own multiple small businesses, each of which has thrived since Jonathan Medows, CPA got me straightened out. After cleaning up all the old stuff, he got me on a schedule and taught me how to legitimize myself. As far as Manhattan CPAs go, he's the best.

A lot of people worry about income taxes, especially the legal issues around them, and this fear holds them back. Maybe you think the numbers are too much, or you won’t have the opportunity to keep up with everything. It’s a myth that it’s good to pay and get paid in cash, and just keep quiet about it. There’s a danger in avoidance, and in the long run it prohibits you from expanding as an entrepreneur and embarking on new projects. You can do so much better by being legitimate than by avoiding the issue. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it— Jonathan Medows, CPA does.

At this point I just give him a stack of paperwork that the government sends to me and he deals with it. He does all the tax planning, delivers everything, and keeps track of deadlines—and is professional about getting back to me via email or phone. He’s totally web friendly, so you can make an appointment online and know that it’s going to go through and be kept. Some accountants aren’t that organized—Jonathan just takes care of stuff. You never hear any excuses or runarounds from the guy, which is almost unheard of from CPAs in NYC.

So yeah, Jonathan’s there to help you out with all of your income tax needs. You can do it. There’s no danger. If you have money issues, he’ll work out a payment plan. Spend a little money now on his services to set a solid foundation for the future, and in the long run it’ll enable you to do a lot of the things you need to do to function and grow.
How Jonathan Medows, CPA Resolved My Outstanding Tax Issues

Bernard H.

Hi. I’m a small business owner and also freelance here and there and I have a confession to make: I didn’t do my taxes for three years straight. I didn’t file any extensions, I didn’t make any late payments, I didn’t make any arrangements with a CPA—I just completely blew my tax returns off.

For some reason I thought all the sorting and paperwork would just be too complicated. I moved across state lines a couple times before ending up in New York City. I knew I’d have to file a couple of different Schedule Cs, and a Schedule M, a handful of 1099s from prior staff employment, and then all those other forms that have letters and numbers... I just didn’t want to deal with my income tax returns.

It’s funny (or not), because I’d done this once before: I went five years without filing taxes and the IRS caught up with me. They garnished my wages and imposed pretty hefty penalties, money I never got back—and those five years, as it turned out, the government owed me. It was pretty scary and out of my control and I thought that was enough to teach me a lesson. Lucky for me, I decided to take action before it happened again; I contacted Manhattan CPA Jonathan Medows and he helped sort me out.

Maybe you are thinking this is one of those made-up infomercial type stories designed to get you interested in what someone has to offer. No. This is true. I did my research, decided Jonathan Medows, CPA could best help me sort through the late filing nightmare I’d created for myself, called him, and he got me into his Manhattan office ASAP.

Jonathan Medows, CPA was thorough and knowledgeable and quick, and calmed me down when I was about to have a panic attack. He told me I wasn’t in as big of a bad situation as I thought I was, and figured out a plan for me that was manageable. So if you’re in NYC, sitting there worrying about the tax problems you’re causing yourself because it’s now May and you haven’t done a thing—for several years—I’d suggest you call the office of Certified Public Accountant Jonathan Medows, CPA and have him sort you out.
Jonathan Medows Fixed My Late Tax Problems

John D.

I run a small business and after awhile I found myself behind on my payroll taxes. To keep my business afloat I dipped into the withholding taxes I was supposed to remit to the government. I didn't want to do it but I had no choice. It was either do this or watch my business close. A few months later the letters begin, then the calls. I ignored them but then one day two IRS agents showed up at my door. My heart was racing and I didn’t hear a word they said. The moment they left I did an internet search and came across Jonathan Medows as a CPA. He seemed decent, had good credentials and is a Rabbi to boot- he looked trustworthy. So I called.

I met with Mr. Medows, CPA and the first thing he did was come up with a game plan. Within the next couple of days he called the IRS and started to have a dialogue with them. He then started to supply them with information. Within a short period he arranged a payment plan that I could afford. The anxiety level went down. On top of all this he determined the IRS was wrong in its penalty calculations and he actually got the bill down by $30,000. Mr. Medows, CPA really had my back, calling me on nights and weekends, even when he was on vacation. He’s not a scam artist just there to take your money and do nothing. I would recommend him to anyone.
Jonathan Medows, CPA Saved My Small Business

Mark M.

Since taxes are a bit more complicated with an LLC, I had to get an accountant. After extensive research, I found Jonathan Medows, CPA. He’s an incredibly smart, meticulous, and professional individual, and is conveniently located in Manhattan. I had received recommendations for CPAs outside of NYC, but I find it incredibly important to be able to sit down and have a face-to-face conversation, especially on matters as important as one’s financial accounts. His rates are also quite competitive. I very much value his attentive services for my LLC, taxes, and general financial recommendations.
LLC Tax Help- A Testimonial

Munawar A.

On Aug. 14, 2003, during the hours before a blackout crippled almost half the U.S., I was working at home. I’d taken a vacation day because I needed to file my taxes, and I’d done a perfectly awful job during previous year or so keeping up with that important task, mostly owing to a period of unemployment in 2000 and 2001 and freelancing for a living.

My accountant was a perfectly nice fellow located in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say where on earth in Kings County his office was. My memory is I had to ride the Q train forever, then transfer to a bus for a ride of similar length. If I didn’t know I was in Brooklyn, I couldn’t tell you where it was. The accountant’s rates were very good — he was also good at minimizing my debt to Uncle Sam. But I knew for logistical reasons it wouldn’t be a long-term arrangement. I had to have someone more accessible — and email friendly.

For me, the blackout more or less clinched the matter: I’d literally just turned off my laptop when I realized the cable box was dark. Then I noticed all the clocks in the apartment, digital or otherwise, were dead. I peeked into my hallway to find the light was out. Circuit breaker seemed all right, but then, stepping outside my apartment door, I realized the whole building was electricity-challenged. The block, the neighborhood, the borough, the city — you know how it happened. It was, as so many people noted at the time, a wild and crazy and wonderful and beautiful night. And then the lights came back on and I still needed a CPA who wasn’t located on an outer planet.

It was through Craig’s List, believe it or not, that I met a fellow named Jonathan Medows, CPA. He has been my accountant ever since, and because he’s been so terrific to me, I honestly don’t mind giving him a shameless plug here at the Clyde Fitch Report. In short order he helped me straighten out my tax situation and I’ve been on the (not so) righteous path ever since. He handles all kinds of individuals and businesses, but I think he works especially well with folks in the arts — actors, writers, directors, artists, musicians, the works. If you have a question, he’s great at providing answers that are direct and understandable, not larded up with technical gobbledygook. He’s extremely thorough and also, on a personal note, a very decent fellow and family man.

So if you need someone to handle your accounting matters, I highly suggest that you visit his website.
My Blackout Tax Epiphany

Leonard J.

I mentioned to my brother that I was thinking of starting a business. He asked me if I had a CPA and I said no I would just started it on my own. He told me that may be a big mistake and that before I do anything I should speak with his CPA Jonathan Medows. Boy am I glad that I did so.

Mr. Medows spent 2 hours with me and listened to my business plans and gave me some sharp feedback. He gave me several suggestions in terms of marketing and business and gave me several recommendations regarding my accounting and tax needs. He slowly went through the advantages of the different forms I could work under and suggested that the best entity for my needs would be an LLC. We did some calculations and we concluded that I would save about $10,000 in the first year alone based on the entity selection. Jonathan also helped me with registering me with Sales Tax and keeping me in compliance and with the process of hiring freelancers in such a way that the IRS and NYS would not reclassify them as employees. He also helped me when I needed that first full time hire with insuring that I was registered for the legally required employer insurances and made sure my payroll was set up correctly, employees paid and taxes remitted to go where needed. Jonathan really saved me from making some major mistakes. If you are staring a business you owe it to yourself to speak with him.
New Business Consulting- Structuring & Compliance

Eric C.

My name is Erin and I am self-employed. Like many NYC freelancers I never realized that you actually had a higher tax burden as a freelancer. While I am a whiz at video editing my business skills are not as strong and I never focused on pricing jobs properly. As a result, I was always flat broke and never had money to pay my tax bills to the IRS and state. Some years I submitted my tax returns other years I did not bother. I was always on edge. I recently decided to go back to grad school and needed to get my act together in order to apply for grants and scholarships. I asked around but most of my friends did not know of a good NYC CPA who could help me with my problems. On a lark, I did an internet search and came across the website of Jonathan Medows, CPA. He offered a free meeting and I decided to meet him.

Mr. Medows was personable and sympathetic to my problems. We came up with a game of attack. The first thing Mr. Medows determined we had to do was prepare the outstanding tax returns. However, I had no clue as to what was outstanding or how to get the information we would need. Jonathan took over. He contacted the IRS and determined which ones were pending and got information from them on wages and other income reported on me. Mr. Medows then contacted former employees to help me fill information the IRS did not have (Such as withholding information for state and local taxes). Over the course of two weeks Mr. Medows prepared the five tax returns that were outstanding, constantly calling and getting my input and emailing drafts to me for my input and the outstanding tax returns were submitted.

After submitting the returns Mr. Medows again called the IRS and had my account placed in temporary suspension due to inability to pay. This suspended the IRS from pursuing any collections efforts against me. He then suggested that we do an Offer in Compromise since I was in between jobs as I was applying to school. Mr. Medows pointed out that since my income was low for the last two years that would be the perfect time to do such a thing. We submitted the Offer in Compromise. The IRS had some follow up but in the end I was able to reduce my tax liability by about 2/3rds and also avoid a great majority of the penalties and interest. I feel like I got my life back again. Thank you Jonathan!
Offer in Compromise – How Jonathan Medows Helped Me Get My Life Back

Erin H.