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Jonathan MEDOWS, New York CPA, has recently launched a new service for preparing income tax for 2010 all clergy of different faith and religion to help them save tax and file easily. Being a rabbi himself, he is able to understand the urgent requirements for preparation of taxes for the clergy. With the tax year at the end, Manhattan CPA MEDOWS has recently launched (MEDOWS CPA, PLLC) which is dedicated to the preparation and filing of taxes for the clergy. Alternatively, you can contact him at his original website for filing of taxes, preparation of taxes and audits.

Clergy Taxes CPA at emphasizes on the urgent requirements for the clergy to prepare taxes regardless of religious constraints. New York CPA Jonathan MEDOWS are based in Manhattan but they cover the whole of USA in regard to taxes for rabbi, ministers, cantors and clergy. It is essential for clergy to hire a qualified CPA to save on required taxes and in case, the income tax returns are not filed on time and appropriately, clergy can be audited by the IRS.

MEDOWS CPA, PLLC (Website: recommends tax preparation for all clergy 2010 and hire a experienced clergy CPA that has represented clergy members in the IRS and tax authorizes at all levels. With the new website launch, MEDOWS has made the tax time less stressing with no confusions. Hire a New York CPA for 2010 tax preparation and help all the year with various aspects of taxes, parsonage and income related questions.

He recommends all clergy to reevaluate their parsonage allowances in the light of additional expenses in the forthcoming year 2010.

With the new website, MEDOWS advices clergy all over USA to consult a CPA in New York and know more about the tax liabilities, parsonage allowances and preparation of taxes in 2010.

To know more about Jonathan MEDOWS CPA New York and Clergy Taxes CPA, please browse the websites at and