When you were shopping around for a CPA to do taxes for your small business or freelance work, you decided not to risk it. Tax preparation is a sensitive subject, so better to just go somewhere with a recognizable name and a decent reputation to get your taxes done, someone your friend went to and said worked out just fine … right?

So you went to a large firm, because it’s supposed to be a safe choice. But when you got there, it was pretty impersonal. Every time you called with a question, you were bounced to someone new, usually some kid who was one year out of college and said he had to ask someone else. And then they’d take a while to get back to you, and it’d be a different person, and you’d have to re-explain your situation all over again.

Then came all the forms. Top to bottom, the whole process felt very bureaucratic. And to top it all off you got a bill for several grand. You put so much work into your small business to make it personal, and yours–isn’t there a better way to do this?

There sure is. Manhattan accountant Jonathan Medows understands you want prompt, professional tax preparation by senior-level people you can actually speak to. They’ll return your call within a day, usually even less time than that. With an accessible Manhattan office where you can pick up the phone and know who you’re talking to, NYC CPA Jonathan Medows offers reasonable fees and a staff who’s sensitive to your personal needs.

What’s in a Name?

Maya S.