My name is Erin and I am self-employed. Like many NYC freelancers I never realized that you actually had a higher tax burden as a freelancer. While I am a whiz at video editing my business skills are not as strong and I never focused on pricing jobs properly. As a result, I was always flat broke and never had money to pay my tax bills to the IRS and state. Some years I submitted my tax returns other years I did not bother. I was always on edge. I recently decided to go back to grad school and needed to get my act together in order to apply for grants and scholarships. I asked around but most of my friends did not know of a good NYC CPA who could help me with my problems. On a lark, I did an internet search and came across the website of Jonathan Medows, CPA. He offered a free meeting and I decided to meet him.

Mr. Medows was personable and sympathetic to my problems. We came up with a game of attack. The first thing Mr. Medows determined we had to do was prepare the outstanding tax returns. However, I had no clue as to what was outstanding or how to get the information we would need. Jonathan took over. He contacted the IRS and determined which ones were pending and got information from them on wages and other income reported on me. Mr. Medows then contacted former employees to help me fill information the IRS did not have (Such as withholding information for state and local taxes). Over the course of two weeks Mr. Medows prepared the five tax returns that were outstanding, constantly calling and getting my input and emailing drafts to me for my input and the outstanding tax returns were submitted.

After submitting the returns Mr. Medows again called the IRS and had my account placed in temporary suspension due to inability to pay. This suspended the IRS from pursuing any collections efforts against me. He then suggested that we do an Offer in Compromise since I was in between jobs as I was applying to school. Mr. Medows pointed out that since my income was low for the last two years that would be the perfect time to do such a thing. We submitted the Offer in Compromise. The IRS had some follow up but in the end I was able to reduce my tax liability by about 2/3rds and also avoid a great majority of the penalties and interest. I feel like I got my life back again. Thank you Jonathan!

Offer in Compromise – How Jonathan Medows Helped Me Get My Life Back

Erin H.