Hi. I’m a small business owner and also freelance here and there and I have a confession to make: I didn’t do my taxes for three years straight. I didn’t file any extensions, I didn’t make any late payments, I didn’t make any arrangements with a CPA—I just completely blew my tax returns off.

For some reason I thought all the sorting and paperwork would just be too complicated. I moved across state lines a couple times before ending up in New York City. I knew I’d have to file a couple of different Schedule Cs, and a Schedule M, a handful of 1099s from prior staff employment, and then all those other forms that have letters and numbers… I just didn’t want to deal with my income tax returns.

It’s funny (or not), because I’d done this once before: I went five years without filing taxes and the IRS caught up with me. They garnished my wages and imposed pretty hefty penalties, money I never got back—and those five years, as it turned out, the government owed me. It was pretty scary and out of my control and I thought that was enough to teach me a lesson. Lucky for me, I decided to take action before it happened again; I contacted Manhattan CPA Jonathan Medows and he helped sort me out.

Maybe you are thinking this is one of those made-up infomercial type stories designed to get you interested in what someone has to offer. No. This is true. I did my research, decided Jonathan Medows, CPA could best help me sort through the late filing nightmare I’d created for myself, called him, and he got me into his Manhattan office ASAP.

Jonathan Medows, CPA was thorough and knowledgeable and quick, and calmed me down when I was about to have a panic attack. He told me I wasn’t in as big of a bad situation as I thought I was, and figured out a plan for me that was manageable. So if you’re in NYC, sitting there worrying about the tax problems you’re causing yourself because it’s now May and you haven’t done a thing—for several years—I’d suggest you call the office of Certified Public Accountant Jonathan Medows, CPA and have him sort you out.

Jonathan Medows Fixed My Late Tax Problems

John D.