I run a small business and after awhile I found myself behind on my payroll taxes. To keep my business afloat I dipped into the withholding taxes I was supposed to remit to the government. I didn’t want to do it but I had no choice. It was either do this or watch my business close. A few months later the letters begin, then the calls. I ignored them but then one day two IRS agents showed up at my door. My heart was racing and I didn’t hear a word they said. The moment they left I did an internet search and came across Jonathan Medows as a CPA. He seemed decent, had good credentials and is a Rabbi to boot- he looked trustworthy. So I called.

I met with Mr. Medows, CPA and the first thing he did was come up with a game plan. Within the next couple of days he called the IRS and started to have a dialogue with them. He then started to supply them with information. Within a short period he arranged a payment plan that I could afford. The anxiety level went down. On top of all this he determined the IRS was wrong in its penalty calculations and he actually got the bill down by $30,000. Mr. Medows, CPA really had my back, calling me on nights and weekends, even when he was on vacation. He’s not a scam artist just there to take your money and do nothing. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jonathan Medows, CPA Saved My Small Business

Mark M.