When I met Jonathan Medows, CPA I had outstanding income tax issues. I was behind by three years, thanks to a previous accountant who wasn’t very responsible. The problem with taxes is that it’s intimidating. The documents aren’t hard to read—they’re just not fun. This is the least pleasant stuff in the world. With Mr. Medows, you know you’re taken care of, and that takes a load off your back because you don’t have to worry about the government taking everything you own. And this gives you time to focus on your business, which is crucial to its growth.

I know this because I own multiple small businesses, each of which has thrived since Jonathan Medows, CPA got me straightened out. After cleaning up all the old stuff, he got me on a schedule and taught me how to legitimize myself. As far as Manhattan CPAs go, he’s the best.

A lot of people worry about income taxes, especially the legal issues around them, and this fear holds them back. Maybe you think the numbers are too much, or you won’t have the opportunity to keep up with everything. It’s a myth that it’s good to pay and get paid in cash, and just keep quiet about it. There’s a danger in avoidance, and in the long run it prohibits you from expanding as an entrepreneur and embarking on new projects. You can do so much better by being legitimate than by avoiding the issue. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it— Jonathan Medows, CPA does.

At this point I just give him a stack of paperwork that the government sends to me and he deals with it. He does all the tax planning, delivers everything, and keeps track of deadlines—and is professional about getting back to me via email or phone. He’s totally web friendly, so you can make an appointment online and know that it’s going to go through and be kept. Some accountants aren’t that organized—Jonathan just takes care of stuff. You never hear any excuses or runarounds from the guy, which is almost unheard of from CPAs in NYC.

So yeah, Jonathan’s there to help you out with all of your income tax needs. You can do it. There’s no danger. If you have money issues, he’ll work out a payment plan. Spend a little money now on his services to set a solid foundation for the future, and in the long run it’ll enable you to do a lot of the things you need to do to function and grow.

How Jonathan Medows, CPA Resolved My Outstanding Tax Issues

Bernard H.